Use Gulp Tasks

Gulp is amazing tools for task automation. It automates time-consuming tiresome task for you. It helps keep the concentration on actual work by taking care of many redundant and boring task such as sass compilation, css compression, js/css injection etc. Different version generation. IE (build, dist etc)

> gulp build

this command will take the html, css, js, fonts from the src/ directory to build/ with optimizing the images, cmpiling the sass, minimizing the css and js file. ready to upload

> gulp build:optimize

this command will take the html, css, js, fonts from the src/ directory to dist/ with optimizing the images, cmpiling the scss, minimizing the css and js file. Difference between build and build:optimize is on build:optimize command the css and js files compress into 4 files only. 2 js ile and 2 css file and injected into html files. for better performance

> gulp serve

gulp serve command is handy during development, cause it takes the index.html file from src/ directory and opens in the browser at localhost:3010/

> gulp scss:bs

this command will take the all the bootstarp source scss files and compile them to bootstrap.css file

> gulp rtl

gulp rtl command generate an rtl version of sytle.css and bootstarp.css files. Use this command after adding or editing codes to regenerate those file again if necessary.

> gulp

Gulp command is equivlent to gulp default it runs the default task that has been assigned to it. In this particular project Gulp serves the project in the browser, watches for sass,css,js,html changes and synchronizes and excutes task associated with it.

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