Strikingdash Customisation

Configuring Style & Bootstrap Compatibility

Instead of overriding Bootstraps components. We have made it compatible with theme using Bootstraps native scss varibles. And it's recommended by Bootstrap. This way we are able to manage leveraging decent ammount of css , as there is no overriding. And we made it centrally configurable with file in vendor_assets/css/bootstrap/ directory


This file contains and controls all the Bootstraps default components.It also contains the color scheme, font, spacing and other common staff. If you want customize anything of Bootstrap, you can literally do it here by overriding bootstrap varibles.

2. Where and to find and how to customize Bootstraps SCSS variables

Go to vendor_assets/css/bootstrap/scss/_variables.scss and search for the variable or component name. Evey components configurable property will be avaible in this file. You can just copy the variable form there and paste it in removing the default flag and assigning a new value. 

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